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Key West Vacation Rentals

When people who have "been there and done that" go looking for a special vacation, the never ending parade of variety offered by Key West often attracts them. Even if you have visted Key West, it's ever changing landscape will ensure that it will look different when you return this time. But the last thing you want is to check into a hotel chain. Key West prides itself "on being like no other place on earth". It's residents have vehemently opposed the construction of chain drug stores fast food restaraunts, and department stores. What would be special about Key West if it was just like the mall back home, only with warm weather? So to really experience Key West, a private vacation rental has become the way to go. Unfortunately the city has passed ordinaces in recent years to prevent extensive renting and subletting of private vacation rentals. And this year it started seriously enforcing these laws. Hundreds of people who were renting their homes for vacation rentals were hauled into court and told to cease of to face substatial penalties -- cash and even jail time! So you don't want to jeopardize your vacation in paradise? Below are some legal weekly vacation rentals in or near Key West. They have passed all of the safety and other licensing requirements to legally rent less than 28 days, be it a week or a few days. They are licensed for short-term rentals either by the City of Key West or by Monroe County. This protects your safety and ensures your vacation in Key West and the Florida Keys will not be jeopardized.

Tropical Breeze Vacation Rentals (15 miles from Key West)

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