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Family Vacations are so passe. Today I know a couple who take separate vacations. He likes to dive, she likes to shop. And God only knows what the teenagers like to do. And has work hindered the ability of families to take vacations together? You bet! Staying in touch with the office is a necessity today. You can't just shut off the pager and let the world wait like the old James Bond movies.

So how do you take a family vacation today? First make sure there are enough activities to entertain the kids. Some resorts in Key West are notriously "leave the kids at home" kinds of places. They cater to young couples and discourage the families from coming on vacation.

But a great alternative is available. A vacation rental from a private family can provide the necessary accomodations, the necessary office facilities like high speed DSL, FAX and EMAIL services. And still let the "breadwinner" have dinner and go fishing when the crisis is over. No, the family vacation is not dead. In fact I think we are having a famil vacation revival.

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