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FINDING THE RIGHT PLACE TO STAY near Key West can be a daunting task. A survey of rates in the Florida Keys published by The Key West Citizen in October 2003 showed that discount and economy hotels are plentiful in Florida City, back on the mainland U.S.. But as soon as you cross the first bridge into Key Largo, the first of the Florida Keys, the rates go up! And as you cross each additional of the forty odd bridges that link Key West to the mainland, the rates increase even more.

It's simply supply and demand. Key West is an island located over 100 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean. What open land is available is highly protected by ROGO ("Rate of Growth Ordinances") and other enviromental legislation.

But is staying on the mainland and daytripping down to the Keys the only option? The survey pointed out that a vacationing couple staying in Florida City could save at least $198.30 for a six-night, seven-day visit over the best Key Largo rate. If they had planned to stay in Islamorada, they would save closer to $300! But sitting in snarled traffic along the 20 mile stretch of highway that links Key Largo to the mainland is not something anyone wants to do daily on their vacation! And when the traffic is moving it is notoriously dangerous as impatient drivers unfamiliar with the road try to pass recreational drivers and those spellbound by their first view of the awesome Florida Keys scenery!

There must be a way to enjoy your Florida Keys vacation without staying in a discount motel or hotel in Florida City!

Key West and the rest of Florida Keys offer a wide variety of lodging options: quaint hotels, charming bed & breakfasts, cheap motels, rustic cabins, RV parks, campgrounds, there is a style to suit every taste and every budget. With the shortage of hotel rooms in the Keys, an increasingly popular choice for vacations of seven days or more in a seasonal "Vacation Rental". Let's face it. It's hard to feel your on vacation when you're sharing a cramped hotel room with your children. VACATION RENTALS provide two and three bedroom homes with full living rooms and kitchens for about the same cost as a single room at a nice hotel. And ammenities like washers and dryers are often available with the vacation rental at no extra charge.

These PRIVATE VACATION HOMES provide all the luxuries of -- well "home". You're not crammed into a tiny hotel room and typical the offer concierge style services - reservations, boat rentals, and otehr services that the upscale hotels do. But without an upscale price. If you plan to rent a vacation home, be sure to ask: Are linens included? Some don't. Is the cleaning fee included? Some aren't Is there a boat launch? And parking for my boat? Some don't have the room! Whatever lodging option you choose you are in for the vacation of a lifetime!

If you would like more information about lodging and accomodations in Key West or anywhere else in the Florida Keys, check out for the latest sources of information. There you will find some fine vacation home rentals that won't break your budget. And you can spend more time enjoying your vacation in the Florida Keys and less time stuck in traffic.

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